Saturday, April 21, 2018


Our baby Oberon.   His Registered name is Buck,
his "barn" name was originally Murphy

Don't let innocent eyes and wobbly knees fool you,
for long sooty lashes and hesitant step belie a trickster,
though young this fairy's portrait may be.  Born Murphy,

this warrior now thick of chest and round of rump,
can arch a studly neck, lift tail arabesque,
race off as if tracked by Cat Sith
leaving us at pasture gate.  (which we forgive)

More oft he teases, this King of Fairies, our Oberon,
nuzzles one's neck with whiskery kiss,
greets with low-throated nicker,
pricks ears forward and blinks a wink.

(and as if under an ancient spell, we fall for it
every single time)

by Margaret Bednar, April 20, 2018

Cat sith - said to resemble large black cat with white spot on chest.  Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands.  A few Irish folklore mention it too.  Some say it wasn't a fairy, but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times.

Murphy - Irish meaning is sea warrior/ battler

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Imagined by Brendan MacOdrum - Mythical Creatures"  I am not well versed in this subject matter and he did give me a bit of an out with "put your beloved pet in a folktale, or walk a mile in an animal's paws.   It is not a tale - but I liken him to a fairy (Shakespeare's character, Oberon, and after which I named him) and tried to weave a couple Irish or Scottish mythological creatures into this poem.

also participating with NaPoWriMo 2018.

I am also swamped this weekend with my two high school girls being in the musical Cinderella - My senior daughter is Cinderella and my freshman daughter is a step-sister.  I have little time to write these past few days, so that is another reason for my bending the rules a bit (hope you don't mind Brendan)  I will read and comment after I return from the evening shows!  

Friday, April 20, 2018

"Say the Name, Ocracoke"

Ocracoke Harbor: Silver Lake

Say the Name, Ocracoke

I say the name, Ocracoke,
let it click at the back of my tongue,
glide gently past my lips,
almost puckering if for a kiss
as it leaves me and my mountain top home

winging eastward toward Pamlico Sound
with its batik sky,
dissolving its vowels and syllables
into aqua, turquoise or teal
as it slips into Silver Lake.

Will soon eagerly lean against ferry rail,
say the name, Ocracoke,
salt spray and sun's warm slant
welcoming me as we squeeze
through The Ditch

into beckoning days charmingly simple:
coffee slowly sipped Down Creek,
hammock naps at Springer's Point
and if we are really lucky,
perhaps a pirate's wail adrift a foggy morn
over Teach's Hole.

by Margaret Bednar, April 20, 2018

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden of Real Toads - Wordy Thursday (Fri) with Wild Woman - Say the Names of the Places you Love" a tribute to Canadian poet Al Purdy and perhaps his most famous poem "Say the Names".

and NaPoWriMo 2018.